Internet and E-commerce

TraskBritt attorneys provide a wide array of services relating to the intellectual property aspects of conducting business over the Internet for clients of all sizes. Having particular expertise in Internet and E-Commerce issues, we help clients understand, secure and enforce patent, copyright, trademark and trade dress rights relating to Internet business. We have earned advanced business degrees, authored numerous related publications and made presentations in related areas, with substantial knowledge and experience with legal opinions, counseling, protection and litigation involving methods of doing business over the Internet; cybersquatting; Internet jurisdiction; intellectual property business strategies; and trade dress, trademark, and copyright material on the Internet.


Representative Patents

Internet and E-commerce Professionals

Jacob D. Lott

Registered Patent Agent

John Fulton, Jr.


Brian G. Prince


Allen C. Turner


John J. Oskorep


James C. Watson


Joseph A. Walkowski

Senior Counsel (Deceased)

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