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High Altitude IP™

We imagine a future teeming with technological advances and top-notch intellectual property attorneys meeting all potential legal needs. Traskbritt has been keeping up with such advances since 1973, and we fully intend to keep climbing the IP mountain to continue being an intellectual property law firm our customers can count on.

As technology continues to break boundaries, we anticipate geographical boundaries ceasing to be an obstacle. That’s why we already offer intellectual property protection services to worldwide companies and look forward to the international harmonization of intellectual property laws that will allow us to work more effectively in representing our clients worldwide.

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The TraskBritt team has grown in size and expertise as we’ve led the climb for better IP law and we’re not stopping now. We think it’s time to add your perspective and skills so we can climb to higher altitudes together. This is about a partnership, and we’re with you every step of the way.

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“TraskBritt has been an invaluable partner for Skullcandy in all aspects of intellectual property ranging from high level strategy to day-to-day tactics. They take the time and initiative to truly understand my business and provide usable advice that strikes the right balance between business and legal concerns. Their work is of the highest quality and their customer service is second to none.”
“Trask Britt has been YESCO’s trusted intellectual property counsel for over thirty years. Regardless of the size of the issue, Trask Britt is always responsive, thoughtful, and attentive to our needs. They have always had a long-term focus on providing cost-effective services with YESCO’s best interests guiding their actions. I highly recommend their services.”
“As a progressive company making fire and security doors, it is important for us to continue to innovate and stay ahead of our competition. With 117 current U.S. and International patents we have found Trask Britt invaluable in helping us not only secure those patents but defend them in court when necessary. They have also been great partners in negotiations of other business transactions.
“TraskBritt is the go-to IP firm on the Silicon Slopes. The combination of superb quality and personalized responsiveness sets TraskBritt apart from other firms. From success resolving trademark disputes to crisp, well-reasoned contracts, we at Hotwax Systems have been completely satisfied with our collaboration with this talented team.”
“We are very pleased with the work the TraskBritt intellectual property team has done for us. It started with just one or two questions and now we turn to them regularly for quick opinions as well as in depth analysis, confident they will give us practical, reliable answers and strategies with a quick turnaround. As in house counsel, sometimes we need their expertise, and sometimes we just need them to do the work we don’t have time to do. We appreciate their willingness to take on all or just part of a project, and to scale up or down as needed. The TraskBritt attorneys are outside counsel, but they feel like our coworkers based on the attention they give to our legal needs. TraskBritt has served us well and we would definitely recommend them to others.”
“For over 10 years I have found the professionals at TraskBritt to be not only responsive and very easy to work with, but also consistent in providing the highest quality work product. I consider them to be an important part of the Purple legal team. There is no question that our association with TraskBritt is a key driver of the strength of our growing IP portfolio.”

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