Due Diligence

Corporate due diligence is the care taken by a purchaser to ensure that their acquisition or financial investment is secure or reasonable. In intellectual property (IP), due diligence may involve reviewing the IP license, identifying gaps or issues with the license, and then fixing any issues discovered.

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Intellectual property assets increasingly play a larger central role in the ever-expanding world of business. Whether acquiring or divesting assets, companies, or portfolios, a targeted valuation and assessment of these assets should inform all decision-making moving forward. Failing to conduct a comprehensive due diligence investigation can result in a catastrophic financial outcome for both buyers and sellers.

We take measures to avoid catastrophe. Our attorneys seamlessly partner with clients’ in-house or outside counsel and other personnel to provide a complete picture of the risks and rewards of each transaction. Through investigation, we can safeguard clients’ interests and avoid unwanted financial situations moving forward.

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Due Diligence Attorneys

Jacob D. Lott

Registered Patent Agent

John Fulton, Jr.


Brian G. Prince


Allen C. Turner


John J. Oskorep


James C. Watson


Joseph A. Walkowski

Senior Counsel (Deceased)

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