Dispute Resolution

Our attorneys protect our client’s intellectual property by finding the most effective, cost-efficient means to reach a favorable patent or trademark dispute resolution. Whether through arbitration or trial, we negotiate, counsel and advise on the best course of action for each specific dispute.

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When navigating the potentially hostile terrain of legal disputes, having an experienced team of attorneys on your side can make your confrontations, direct or indirect, productive and successful. Our attorneys work one-on-one with you to customize unique solutions to resolve your disputes and work toward cost-benefit optimization.

Sometimes this process involves pursuing a case through trial and appeal while conducting administrative proceedings in Patent and Trademark Offices. Other times, indirect confrontation through mediation and arbitration is the best way to reach a satisfying resolution. Either way, our talented litigation attorneys plan and execute effective strategies to take on any dispute that comes your way and defend your intellectual property rights.

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Dispute Resolution Attorneys

Jacob D. Lott

Registered Patent Agent

John Fulton, Jr.


Brian G. Prince


Allen C. Turner


John J. Oskorep


James C. Watson


Joseph A. Walkowski

Senior Counsel (Deceased)

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