International copyright law protects the intellectual property and rights of creators outside the bounds of where their work is created. These laws are enforced by treaties that stipulate the standards of protection, and each country implements those standards within the confines of its copyright laws.

Your global contributions are valuable. Protect them.

What we do well nationally, we do well internationally. TraskBritt attorneys represent U.S. clients abroad and non-U.S. clients in the United States with a range of important cases. On the international level, our representation covers obtaining, licensing, and enforcing intellectual property rights. We also conduct due diligence investigations.

Having participated in numerous trademark oppositions abroad, along with foreign patent office proceedings, TraskBritt attorneys have extensive international trade law experience. We have built and used a network of vetted, highly qualified legal professionals practicing abroad. As a bonus, our attorneys speak a variety of languages: Spanish, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, and French (to name a few).

TraskBritt is committed to protecting your possessions, ideas, and finances—at home and abroad.


International Attorneys

Jacob D. Lott

Registered Patent Agent

John Fulton, Jr.


Brian G. Prince


Allen C. Turner


John J. Oskorep


James C. Watson


Joseph A. Walkowski

Senior Counsel (Deceased)

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