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Full Patent Protection vs. a Provisional Patent Application

Thursday | May 27, 2021By Shane Skwarekpatent draftingpatent eligibilityPatent Protectionprovisional patentprovisional patent application

The cost savings of filing a provisional patent application without consulting a professional are certainly tempting. However, such a strategy may ultimately cost more in the long run, including possibly costing valuable patent protection. What is a Provisional Patent Application?…

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Is My Idea Patentable?

Thursday | July 9, 2020By Shane Skwarekpatent attorneypatent eligibilityPatent Protectionprovisional patent application

Under Article I § 8 of the United States Constitution, Congress was given the power to grant inventors exclusive intellectual property rights over their discoveries.  In 1952, Congress codified a law that allows “[w]hoever invents or discovers any new and…

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Should I file a provisional patent application or utility patent application?

Wednesday | February 19, 2020By Shane Skwarekpatent pendingprovisional patent application

Anyone filing one or more patent applications eventually faces this decision: should I file a provisional patent application or a non-provisional (utility) patent application? Often this decision is about budgets; you want to make sure that you use your budget…

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Provisional Patent Application Strategies for Success

Saturday | January 11, 2020By Shane Skwarekprovisional patentprovisional patent applicationutah patentutah patent lawyer

Starting the process of patenting your innovation by filing a provisional patent application can be a high-value approach. However, misconceptions about what provisional applications are, and the standards applicable to them, may lead to a filing that provides no benefit…

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