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How to Protect your Trademark

Monday | March 22, 2021By Shane Skwarektrademarktrademark applicationtrademark registration

Trademarks are powerful marketing tools that can help a potential customer not only to recall the associated brand but also to affiliate the words of the trademark with that brand. You may want to trademark a phrase to control how…

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Trademarks vs. Copyrights for Startups

Thursday | March 18, 2021By Shane Skwarekip attorneytrademarktrademark applicationtrademark registration

Intellectual property law includes patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets and is an important consideration for any new business. This article will address trademarks and copyrights, but the law firm of TraskBritt can assist with any intellectual property law needs.…

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Service Marks

Wednesday | March 10, 2021By Shane Skwarekintellectual propertyservice marktrademarktrademark applicationtrademark registration

What is a Service Mark? Under US trademark law, a service mark is a type of trademark and is a form of intellectual property. Under Intellectual Property (IP) law, a service mark (or trademark) is a word, name, phrase, symbol,…

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How Many Goods Should I Select in a Trademark Application

Monday | August 17, 2020By Shane Skwarektrademarktrademark applicationtrademark registration

As you continue to use a particular name or brand name related to your products or services, you should consider filing for a federal trademark with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) to establish nationwide ownership of your…

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What is a Trademark Notice of Publication?

Wednesday | July 1, 2020By Shane Skwarektrademarktrademark applicationtrademark registration

Receiving a Notice of Publication for a trademark application sounds innocuous enough, but this notice carries important information that allows members of the public, for example, a competitor, that may seek to derail the registration of the applicant’s mark.  Once…

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