TraskBritt Obtains InfoSafe Certification

TraskBritt, P.C. Fights Cybercrime and Identity Theft by Protecting Client and Employee Information

 Client information and employee records are being lost or stolen at an epidemic level at businesses and organizations nationwide.   TraskBritt, P.C. has taken proactive measures to protect their client and employee information from identity thieves and cyber-criminals.

Salt Lake City, UT, December 21, 2018 – Showing their commitment to their clients’ privacy and trust, TraskBritt, P.C., a nationally-recognized Intellectual Property law firm, recently became InfoSafe® Certified by implementing comprehensive data security and privacy safeguards to protect its clients and employees against data and identity theft and other cybercrimes.

In today’s digital age where personal and financial information collected by businesses and other organizations can be inadvertently exposed and easily stolen by cyber criminals, clients need to require more from their lawyers and other service providers.  “They should work and do business only with those law firms that have invested in proper safeguards, and that are certified as having met the minimum requirements required by law for protecting client information,” according to James Harrison, CEO of INVISUS and the InfoSafe Certification program.

TraskBritt recently became InfoSafe Certified with INVISUS, which provides the most respected and comprehensive information security and privacy certification available.  Making the investment and taking the steps necessary to become certified shows TraskBritt’s commitment to its clients’ privacy, safety and trust – and doing business the right way.

To become InfoSafe Certified, TraskBritt implemented an enhanced information security policy and employee training program, and implemented rigorous physical and technical security measures.  Being InfoSafe Certified also means they meet the most stringent requirements of federal, state and industry regulations for protecting against information and identity theft and fraud.

With information security and privacy a core value for TraskBritt, P.C., it’s a safe place to do business.


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